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 With a bit of historical license, you could argue that neither the UK nor Italy would exist without Dolcetto. Our own Queen Anne, during whose reign the Act of Union that created the UK was signed, was a huge fan of Dolcetto from Ovada. Perhaps, without her favourite tipple, she’d never have had the patience to sit through the four months of bilateral negotiations that lead to the Treaty’s signature (David Davis take note!). 140 years later, in Italy, Austrian-imposed tariffs on Piedmontese wines like Dolcetto provoked the province to declare the war against Austria that ultimately led to Italian Unification.

Nothing guarantees peace like unification, just as nothing guarantees a great evening like a fabulous box of wine. Like our Dolcetto, for example, which is an easy–drinking, dry red with a texture as smooth as a bambino’s bottom. Full of young fruit and almond notes, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste, it pairs perfectly with antipasti, meat sauces and roasted poultry.

Our Dolcetto is produced by Gabriele Gaggino, whose vineyard is set in the stunningly beautiful Monferrato hills of Piedmont, just outside Ovada, and was founded back in the early 1920’s by his great-grandfather, Tommaso. Gabriele is uncharacteristically modest for a Piedmontese wine-maker, though no less passionate for it. He’ll talk you to death about his production techniques, and loves chatting about tractors too (don’t get him started on innovative gear mechanisms). He’s also the first to admit that, while his wines are probably the best in the region, there are many other great winemakers in Piedmont. Truly a man of peace, just like his Dolcetto.

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