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It’s #pinotgrigioweek at When in Rome. But, just for clarity, it’s not Pinot Grigio Week anywhere else, just at When in Rome.

Why do we feel the need to celebrate? Well, remember the good old days when British politicians were sensible and competent, but a bit dull and bland? For better or worse, nobody claims that any more, but Pinot Grigio, on the other hand, still suffers from a similar reputation – partially deserved – in the UK as a pale, characterless wine. And we want to change that!

Whilst it’s true that Italy exports more Pinot Grigio to the US than it actually produces, and also that the grape, originally from France, has to be picked earlier in Italy’s warmer climes – and is therefore at risk of losing flavour – if you know where to look, you can find some fabulous Pinots in Italy.

And, at the risk of blowing our own producers’ trumpets, we know where to look. Our Pinot Grigio is spritzy and crisp with distinct notes of apple and pear and all the acidity you’d expect from its early harvested grapes. Thoroughly drinkable at any time, spectacular as an aperitif and also great value because it comes in a box. At When in Rome, you really can have your Pinot and drink it.