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Rosato IGT Venezia Giulia


We say Tomato, the Americans say Tomato. The French say Rosé, the Italians say Rosato” With aromas of raspberry, cherries, wild rose and just a sniff of rhubarb and custard sweets.”


Soft and fresh, this Rosato maintains its flavour enough to be paired with robust tastes like tomato-based dishes and soft, fresh cheeses like ricotta or mozzarella. And for a real Italian vibe around the house, why not make this wine guest of honour and invite your friends round for an aperitif… sorry Aperitivo.

A seize the moment wine – definitely not one for the cellar.

Grape – Merlot
Style – Rosato
ABV – 12.5%
Producer – Azienda Agricola Grappolo d’Oro
Region – Friuli Venezia Giulia

About the Producer….

The Martincigh family are lucky enough to call Azienda Agricola Grappolo d’Oro home. Wine has been produced on all 20 hectares since Roman Times. Its Alpine terraces are perfect for ripening grapes – capturing sun from the south-west, naturally protected from cold northerly winds by the Alps and exposed to a mild ocean breeze from the Adriatic.

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