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Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC


“A bold, fruity flavour that goes down well with red meat (the gamier the better). Or lentils and mushrooms if you’re a veggie.”


The bold, fruity flavour of this wine is all thanks to the black grape of Avola (not the Black Grape of the 90s, they were from Manchester), brought to Sicily by the Greeks when wine was drunk from Amphorae, not boxes.

Grape – Nero d’Avola
Style – Medium Dry
ABV – 13.5%
Producer – Cantina Sant’Antonio
Region – Sicily

About the Producer…

Cantina Sociale Sant’Antonio is a Sicilian wine cooperative, just outside Trapani, that only works with its members’ grapes. With virtually zero pesticide use, their agricultural practices are organic (although they’re not certified) and almost all their wine is boxed. You know you’re in the deep south when the nearest capital city is Tunis and the micro-climate here is perfect for growing grapes.

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