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Marche IGP Passerina


“Bursting with a taste that’s crisper and cleaner than Mary Poppins’ apron, this organic white has a pale-yellow colour, with fruity, floral aromas and a hint of luscious green apple.”


Passerina grapes are grown all over central Italy and the name is derived from the word Passero, meaning Sparrow, as legend has it that the grapes are these birds’ favourite drink. For many years these grapes were blended into better known Italian wines, but in recent times, Passerina has enjoyed a return to favour and this delicate, yet aromatic wine is an excellent example of the results.

Grape – Passerina
Style – Dry
ABV – 12%
Producer – Cantina dei Colli Ripani
Region – Marche

About the Producer…

Cantina dei Colli Ripani is a cooperative wine producer working with over 300 small, local grape growers. They are committed to organic and sustainable agricultural practices and are self-sufficient in energy thanks to solar panels on site. The spectacular location perched around 500 metres above the Adriatic Sea, with plenty of sunshine and a near permanent sea breeze, is perfect for producing great organic wines, as well as Olive Oil and Honey. Find out more at

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