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Apart from “wow, that tastes amazing!”, one of the other comments we most often hear at wine fairs is “the trouble with box wine is that you can’t tell how much you’ve drunk” or, more importantly, you want to know how much of that beautiful craft wine you have left.

It’s a good point and as a company that wants you to drink less, but better, it’s one we take very seriously.

Glass bottles have an obvious advantage on this point, as you can look at a bottle and judge pretty quickly how many glasses you have left. With a box it isn’t quite so easy, though once you get used to the format it’s easy enough to work it out just by picking it up. And therein lies the secret. Weight. Because the weight of a box is about 94% wine, as opposed to just 50-60% in a bottle, you can work out how much is left just by popping it on your kitchen scales (if it falls off, it won’t smash either).

A litre of liquid weighs 1kg, our box and inner bag weighs approximately 150g, so a full 2.25L box weighs 2.4kg and a 2.25L box gives you 18 small 125ml glasses. So, for example, if your opened box weighs 1.9kg, you know you’ve got 14 glasses left. If it only weighs 400g that’s two glasses, so it’s probably time to think about buying some more!

If that all sounds a bit complicated, our ace designer Luke has produced a handy little graphic to help, so when you weigh your box of When in Rome Wine, you know how much you’ve drunk and how much you’ve got left. Add to that the fact that the wine will stay fresh for 6 weeks after opening, and we truly hope a box will help you regulate your consumption, and enjoy high quality craft wines one glass at a time. Salute!

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