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A recent figure (shared by Public Health England at a parliamentary debate) highlighted how one third of all the alcohol sold in England is drunk by just four per cent of the population. Their tipple of choice being mainly cheap, high strength drinks such as cider sold in large plastic bottles. Like the ‘White Lightning’ many of us grimly remember drinking as teenagers in the local park. For most, it’s a ‘phase’ to look back on with embarrassment – but for others it continues until their (probably premature) end.

Yep, that’s how serious a problem it is.

At When in Rome, we welcome the idea of a minimum unit price for alcohol across the UK, but we really wish it wasn’t necessary. On a scale from alcoholism to absenteeism, we’re keen to see people bang in the middle: enjoying great wine – or any other high quality drink, one glass at a time – whether poured from a tap or not, though preferably a tap, and better still, one sticking out of a When in Rome box.

Enjoy our wine as the Italians do

We really want you to enjoy our wine as the Italians do. The Italians don’t have a word for hangover – they use the English word, and they only started to use it after Todd Phillips’ 2009 (admittedly brilliant) film of the same name.

People love our high quality box wine. We hear all the time that it’s perfect for parties, picnics. Many people don’t really care that the tap keeps the wine fresh for up to six weeks after opening as it never lasts that long.

One glass at a time

That’s great, but equally a 2.25L box contains 18 small glasses of beautiful craft wine. We simply love the thought of it being enjoyed one sip at a time, from a small glass, with dinner. That’s drinking wine as the Italians do – and it’s why we’re called When in Rome.

Just as Willy Wonka sold candy, but hated gluttony, we are a wine company that wants you to drink less, but better, and we hope our boxes can help.